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Without the help of the bass playing community, we wouldn't be as good as we are! We rely on our users to submit their own transcriptions to increase the size of the archive available to the entire bass community!

Do you do transcriptions of your own that you would like to share with the bass playing community? Looking for somewhere to get your transcriptions out to other bassists? We may be able to help! Please use the contact form to let us know about what it is you would like to submit to our transcription archive. We accept Sibelius files (.sib), Finale Files (.mus), PDF's as well as handwritten scores scanned in - after careful review, we will re-score in our formatting and add your transcriptions to our archive and your name will be listed below.

Many thanks to the following people for submitting transcriptions to our archive - Daniel Stritkze (Don't Give Hate A Chance, Runaway, She's A Fast Persuader, Dean Town), Andrea Manns (Burn This Disco Out), Martyn Spencer (Killing In The Name), Martin Fowler (Shit, Damn, Motherfucker - September - Carry On Wayward Son), Ian Paterson (Forget Me Nots), Thibaut Lurton (Give Life Back to Music, She's A Fast Persuader, Feel So Good), David Jones (Caves of Altamira), Matthew Bermudez (I Got A Name), Travis Moore (Everybody Dance), Brian West (Foreign Language), Matt De Luca (I Look to You), Fabrice Donnard (Sunday Morning), Marten Schlup (Disco Inferno), Nicolas Dufour (Need To Know, Magnetic Ocean), Andre Cruz (Chicken Grease), Mark Harr (Lovely Day), Mauro Moccia (Smiling Faces), Greg Mudd (She's Calling You), Heinz Krapf (Pack My Jack), Raphaƫl Olive (Sweet Potato Pie, You Don't See Me, It Gets Funkier IV), Dave D'aranjo (Aces Of Aces), Berend Manders (Zombie), Johannes Kaldeway (Walk Between The Raindrops, Ruby Baby), Graham Sayers (I Will Survive), Andrew Canning (Give A Little Bit), Fred Biehler (So Different), Henry Laukkanen (Don't Start Now), Gio Gorgoni (Sir Duke, Dean Town), Mario Bertoluzzi (How Deep Is Your Love, Sunny), David Ericsson (The Ghost At Number One)
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The following downloads are from the original Jamiroquai: Essential Bass Transcriptions books Volumes 1 & 2.

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    Just found the best bass notation site in the universe, also offering tab to the lesser bass mortals, just cannot understand why it took me so long to find you! The BASSMENT is a mean machine groove for bass players.

    Steve Lane Swansea, UK
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    Thank you very very much! I found your website has most of the music I listened to in the 70's, 80's and 90's. Now I will enjoy them with my bass.

    Claudio Italy
  • Customer Testimonails

    Thank you for your excellent work! I have just found the website and had been looking for scores of Jamiroquai and Incognito, and thanks to you I've found them.

    Douglas Brazil
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    First of all let me say that I am really having fun with some transcriptions here. It's a great place to start promoting notation between new bass players. It's a great idea and I support it.

  • Customer Testimonails

    I would like to thank you for your amazing work with The Bassment project. I have to tell you that especially your Jamiroquai bass transcriptions have given me a lot of inspiration and helped me to develop more in bass playing. For example; my notation reading skill have developed a lot. That is the main reason why I managed to get in to Finland's Military School.

    Henry Laukkanen
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    Just wanted to thank you for all the transcriptions. It's great to have a resource like this. I also appreciate the resonable pricing in the Store. I actually think you should charge more as you're providing a premium product!

    Josh Turner
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    A huge thank you for the high quality transcriptions you wrote for the Bassment website. I'm just a beginner (on the bass guitar, but some background as guitarist in a jazz big band), and you can't imagine how happy I am to find some of my favorite bands in your list! Even if my skill is still too low to fully enjoy the transcriptions, it's giving me a huge motivation boost. I just bought 8 of the Jamiroquai songs in the store and I'll probably buy some more later (lots of work with the first 8 and the free ones already). Cheers and thanks again!

    Nicolas Dufour France
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    Many thanks for the transcriptions of Incognito, it is great you should propose premium transcriptions for this band too(so many albums). Anyway many thanks for everything, you are doing great!

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    I really appreciate your webpage and the free transcriptions. Since I am a bass student and i am using your transcriptions for learning purposes.

    Constantin Kaiser
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